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Project Summary

Start date:
1 April 2023
5 Years
Project Leader:

To understand the trade-offs and co-benefits of delivering healthier agroecosystems using bio-inspired innovations and decision making to improve crop/forage productivity and quality, reduce pest pressures and improve water/air quality via reduced nutrient losses.


The programme will focus on three main areas:

  1. Biointeractions: looking at gene function in insects and weeds and biointeractions during cropping transitions
  2. Soil environments: exploring rhizosphere processes and extending soil phenotypes
  3. Discovery landscapes: optimising agroecosystems across landscapes and improving health indicators and metrics in agroecosystems
Project Leader

Prof. Martin Broadley

Science Director Sustainable Soils and Crops

Work-Package Leaders

Dr Mike Birkett

Biological/Organic Chemist

Dr Tim Mauchline

Plant and Soil Microbiologist

Dr Alice Milne

Spatial Statistician