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Soybean Could Help Diversify Crop Production in the UK, Say Scientists

Plant breeding has made the crop a more viable choice

11 Feb 2021

Molecular Basis for Green Revolution Discovered

Half a century after dwarf wheat developed, scientists discover proteins responsible

9 Feb 2021

£2.3M to Help Protect UK Insects After Brexit

Rothamsted Insect Survey expertise to help formulate new conservation policies

29 Jan 2021

Agri-Environment Subsidies Provide More Stable Farm Incomes than Direct Payments

Diversity farm outputs also makes farms more resilient

19 Jan 2021

Science Finds Simple Way to Make Lamb Leaner

Weight at weaning key to cutting down fatty meat

11 Jan 2021

Rothamsted Welcomes Defra Consultation on Gene Editing

"The solutions that genome editing make possible cannot come too soon."

7 Jan 2021

Agricultural entrepreneurs poised for investment boost

Five new projects are shortlisted for SHAKE Climate Change as outlay tops £1.2m

9 Dec 2020

Africa becomes first continent to chart soil fertility in every single field

Soil map ‘more detailed than Europe’s’ could boost livelihoods and human health across 54 nations

28 Nov 2020

Enzyme-enriched bread ‘as good as blueberries’ at improving blood circulation

Clinical trial shows bread could boost your vascular function

23 Nov 2020

Surf and turf

Aquaculture has a sustainable future say experts - but only with the help of arable farming

12 Nov 2020

Crop disease research suggests greater face mask use is a wise move

Studies into fungal spore spread shows coronavirus may stay airborne longer than thought

30 Oct 2020

Academic institutions unite to transform the UK’s food systems

New £5 million-plus training centre will produce the food experts of tomorrow

16 Oct 2020


International partnership aims to build agricultural capacity

15 Oct 2020

More innovation needed to meet net zero carbon goals for UK livestock

Current climate mitigation measures can only deliver one fifth of proposed reductions, according to new report

30 Sep 2020

Wanted: Powdery Mildew Samples

Tomato growers asked to help in developing fungi early warning system

22 Jul 2020

Angela Karp announced as new Director and CEO of Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted Research have appointed Professor Angela Karp as the Institute’s new Director and CEO.

16 Jul 2020

Survey shows nearly 40% of arable soils ‘degraded’

Newly developed health measure also a good predictor of carbon storage

10 Jul 2020

When the Drugs Don’t Work

Using pesticide mixtures to combat resistance might be encouraging a different problem

2 Jul 2020