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Shake Programme Opens Again for Climate-Tackling Entrepreneurs

Funding: £140k Expert mentoring: priceless

11 Feb 2021

Soybean Could Help Diversify Crop Production in the UK, Say Scientists

Plant breeding has made the crop a more viable choice

11 Feb 2021

Molecular Basis for Green Revolution Discovered

Half a century after dwarf wheat developed, scientists discover proteins responsible

9 Feb 2021

£2.3M to Help Protect UK Insects After Brexit

Rothamsted Insect Survey expertise to help formulate new conservation policies

29 Jan 2021

Agri-Environment Subsidies Provide More Stable Farm Incomes than Direct Payments

Diversity farm outputs also makes farms more resilient

19 Jan 2021

Science Finds Simple Way to Make Lamb Leaner

Weight at weaning key to cutting down fatty meat

11 Jan 2021

Rothamsted Welcomes Defra Consultation on Gene Editing

"The solutions that genome editing make possible cannot come too soon."

7 Jan 2021