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Gluten sensitivity influenced by negative expectations

Expectation that gluten causes gastrointestinal complaints plays a crucial role in whether or not people experience symptoms

13 Dec 2023

Potential of soils to sequester carbon being “seriously overestimated”

A reality check is needed to avoid costly policy mistakes say scientists

5 Dec 2023

Rothamsted wins major award for powerful new computing infrastructure

£4m investment from BBSRC will underpin transition to AI driven data analytics

5 Dec 2023

BBSRC injects £12m into pioneering research to uncover the rules of life

Three Rothamsted scientists awarded funding

9 Nov 2023

Crop microbiome bank opens for business

Construction of the UK Crop Microbiome Cryobank is now complete after three years of painstaking research

31 Oct 2023

Rothamsted scientists receive Heroes Award from US Foundation

US based Foundation for Innovation in Healthy Food conferred its first Heroes Award on two Rothamsted Scientists

30 Oct 2023

Professor Phil Brookes, 1951-2023

Soil biologist whose globally influential research explored the survival and activity of soil micro-organisms and their interactions with organic matter.

19 Oct 2023

Extra-chromosomal DNA loops provide clue to herbicide resistance in black-grass

Tiny circlets of genetic matter may give the weed an evolutionary advantage

11 Oct 2023

Study sheds light on how plant roots branch

Sugar signalling mechanism for root development may have potential to boost crop yields

26 Sep 2023

Rothamsted to partner in global “green ammonia” initiative

Rothamsted to partner in global “green ammonia” initiative

19 Sep 2023

Soil structure maintained in more densely stocked cell-grazed pastures

“Tecnho-grazing” approaches can support more cattle in less space without adversely affecting soil structure and function

6 Sep 2023

New long-term experiments at Rothamsted will shed light on potential impacts of regenerative agriculture

Early results show interactions are complex with many possible outcomes

4 Sep 2023

Rothamsted Research takes part in 2023 Evidence Week in Parliament

Scientists briefed MPs on the transformative potential for AI in farming

12 Jul 2023

New tools for disease detectives

An innovative approach to information management will accelerate the study of interactions between species

4 Jul 2023


The funding will boost a UK-wide digital twin research network

23 Jun 2023

Ecosystem collapses may happen "much sooner" than expected

Extreme events combined with rising stress levels are increasing the likelihood of environmental decline

22 Jun 2023

Farms producing wider range of produce would offset the impact of climate variability on food supply

Study underlines need for flexibility in future government agricultural policy

27 Mar 2023