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deborah beaumont


Deborah Beaumont


Net Zero and Resilient Farming


Deborah is involved in research that enhances ecosystem service delivery and biodiversity within grassland ecosystems. This research has focused on the potential of grasslands to deliver multifunctional objectives of carbon sequestration, nutrient retention, improved nitrogen use efficiency and biodiversity, while maintaining economically viable levels of production. Deborah is also interested in long-term environmental monitoring to improve our understanding of why and how components of ecosystems are changing, what the effects of these changes are and how quickly components recover to their original state after the implementation of new polices and management practices. She is the ECN site Manager for North Wyke.

Strategic Programme

  • Soil 2 Nutrition (S2N)

Science Projects

  • Maximising carbon retention in soils
  • Diverse forage mixtures to optimise ruminant animal production, nutrient use efficiency, environmental impact, biodiversity and resilience
  • Roots for the future- A systematic approach to root design (SUREROOT)
  • Influence of livestock experience and breed on foraging behaviour in unimproved grasslands and impact on biodiversity
  • Extensive grazing of semi-improved grassland to enhance faunal biodiversity.
  • Potential for enhancing biodiversity on intensive livestock farms.


  • 1992 - Bachelor (Hons) of Environmental Science, Plymouth University, UK