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Global Wheat Production can be Doubled, Shows Study

Fine tuning their genomes would help regional wheat varieties feed growing population

7 Jul 2022

Five Year, £13M Research Programme to Look at Net Zero and More

AgZero+ brings together farmers and scientists to tackle issues at scale

27 Jun 2022

Fertiliser Use Could be Reduced with Nature-Based Farming, Shows Major Study

Thirty long-running farm trials show crop choice and manure addition can sustain high yields at low fertiliser rates

27 Jun 2022

Wanted: Are You Blighted By Wireworm?

Study into new control methods looking for people with a pest problem

22 Jun 2022

Wanted: Large White Butterfly Caterpillars

Help needed for research into biological control of pests

15 Jun 2022

First Sowing of Genetically Edited Crop Under New UK Regulations

Less restrictive rules will speed up advances in plant breeding say scientists

26 May 2022

'Moth Motorways' Could Help Resist Climate Change Impact

Farmland species struggling to move north

20 May 2022

Scientists Turn On Gene Without Creating a GMO

Gene editing technique provides ability to switch genes on without adding transgenes

3 May 2022

Moths Disappearing From UK Woods Faster Than From Farms or Cities

Forest populations halved during 1968-2016 compared to average national losses of a third

29 Apr 2022

High Fibre White Bread Inches Closer

Rothmasted developed wheat lines to be used in consumer focused project

25 Apr 2022

Dawn of a New Era

GM pioneers celebrate as relaxing of rules around gene editing finally comes into force

11 Apr 2022

Poor African Farmers Do Better Than Wealthier Counterparts If They Farm A Greater Variety Of Foods

Limited access to land, workers, or farm chemicals can be offset by diversification, study shows

7 Apr 2022

Plant Disease Expert Honoured by Her Peers

New Annual Award Will Reward Top Fungi Researchers

30 Mar 2022

Scientists Developing Crop That Replaces Fossil Fuels As Source Of Key Industrial Compounds

Modified plants can produce chemicals used by makers of food, cosmetics and electronics

15 Feb 2022

Increased Water Pollution From Farms Will Become Common Under Climate Change

Very wet winter made polluted river more than twenty times worse

31 Jan 2022

EU Policies Led to Collapse of Major Biofuel Crop in UK and Europe, Says Report

Fractured decision making turned beetle into a ‘serious crop pest’ and increased palm oil imports

26 Jan 2022

New GE Law Given Thumbs-Up

UK legislation will cut red tape around field trials

20 Jan 2022

Virtual Version of Real Farm to Tackle Meat's Climate Footprint

Near perfect ‘digital twin’ will help reduce climate-related and other impacts of meat eating

14 Dec 2021