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The Rothlime app

In simple steps this app is used for deciding how much lime to add to raise a soil's pH under UK conditions. Soil pH refers to measurement made in water with a soil:water ratio of 1:2.5 (weight:volume). See Methods for Analysis of Agricultural Materials (1986).

  • It asks for the measured pH and the target pH. The range of pH covered is 4.5 - 7, and the target pH must be above the measured value.
  • The target pH is at least 6.5 for most arable soils, 6 for most grassland soils. This promotes optimum nutrient supply and avoids acidification, aluminium release and crop damage.
  • A user selects what type of liming material they intend to use, the type of soil to be limed and the current agricultural land use (arable or grass). The user can input the actual neutralising value, which is useful if the product to be used is different from the assumed value for any given liming material.

Tests showed that RothLime gives similar lime requirements to those obtained from the ALA model and the table in RB209 (see LINKS).


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Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF). Agricultural Development & Advisory Service (ADAS) The analysis of agricultural materials: a manual of the analytical methods used by the Agricultural Development and Advisory Service. Reference book, 427 3rd edition ,1986 London, HMSO. This book is out of print but copies are available through libraries.

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