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Brazil has a rich, well-diversified agricultural industry occupying approximately 28% of the country. The sector produces a range of commodities including grain crops, soya bean, maize, rice and wheat. It is a global leader in agricultural production employing 17,900,000 with the agricultural sector. However, a high proportion of the Brazilian territory is located within tropical zones which pose its own agricultural challenges.

Rothamsted Research has a long history of successful collaborations in Brazil to address these challenges working with numerous Brazilian organisations and funding bodies to alleviate agricultural problems. Rothamsted Research has established a long-standing relationship with Embrapa which has recently been consolidated into the Alliance of Sustainable Agriculture (ASA).

The Alliance was funded by the Newton Fund, through BBSRC, with a primary purpose of addressing issues relating to food security and the stability of food production in Brazil. Through FAPESP, the Sao Paulo Independent Public foundation, Rothamsted Research has extended its research collaborations within Brazil, securing funding for partnerships with several of the highly successful Sao Paulo universities and institutes. Together with further funding from CONFAP and Newton fund/BBSRC, Rothamsted Research has become a partner in a Virtual Joint Centre, NUCLEUS which focuses on enhancing understanding of the key agronomic aspects of nitrogen use efficiency.


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