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Welcome to the RothC download page.

Thank you for your interest in the model.

RothC is a model for the turnover of organic carbon in non-waterlogged topsoils that allows for the effects of soil type, temperature, moisture content and plant cover on the turnover process. It uses a monthly time step to calculate total organic carbon (t ha-1), microbial biomass carbon (t ha-1) and ∆14C (from which the equivalent radiocarbon age of the soil can be calculated) on a years to centuries timescale. 

 You can download the Fortran code, python code or windows visual basic interface using the links below:

RothC Fortran code (Apache licence) 

RothC python code (Apache licence)

RothC windows visual basic interface 


Useful documents:  

Windows visual basic interface installation guide

Description of the model 

Summary data requirements 

We make the RothC code available as a public good, with as few restrictions as possible, to encourage scientific enquiry, collaboration, and innovation. RothC is available under an Apache Licence 2.0.

If you use RothC in published or unpublished work, we request you complete the webform below and cite the relevant doi. This is because understanding where and how RothC is being used helps us to report impact to our funders, including the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) of the United Kingdom who provide core strategic funding to Rothamsted Research.

For more information about RothC, please contact Kevin Coleman.

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