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Peter Eastmond


Prof. Peter Eastmond


Plant Sciences for the Bioeconomy

Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, AL5 2JQ
+44 (0) 1582 938 184
Professional Platforms


Peter’s primary research interest is plant lipid metabolism. Lipids are among the largest and most structurally diverse families of chemicals in nature and they have a great many biological functions. Certain classes of lipid form membranes; permeability barriers that define cells and compartmentalise all the biochemical processes within them. Other lipids, namely fats and oils, act as nature’s most energy rich carbon currency, while others still function as signalling molecules (hormones and secondary messengers) controlling growth, development and responses to the environment. Peter is investigating how plant lipid metabolism is regulated, what its many functions are, and how this knowledge can be applied for our benefit. His work uses a range of experimental systems ranging from model to crop species. Peter obtained a BSc from the University of Reading and a PhD from the University of East Anglia (John Innes Centre). He was a postdoctoral researcher and subsequently a BBSRC David Phillips Research Fellow at the University of York (Centre for Novel Agricultural Products), before he moved to the University of Warwick, where he was an assistant professor in the School of Life Sciences. In 2011, he moved to Rothamsted Research, where he works in the Plant Sciences Department.

Strategic Programme

  • Tailoring Plant Metabolism (TPM)

Science Projects

  • Brassica Rapeseed And Vegetable Optimisation (BRAVO)

PhD Projects

  • Increasing seed size and seed number in Brassica crops


  • 1998 - PhD in Plant Biochemistry, University of East Anglia, UK
  • 1994 - BSc (Hons) in Plant Science, University of Reading, UK