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Upside down and bolt upright: aphid aerial acrobatics revealed

High speed camera shows posture and wingbeat patterns in detail for the first time

19 Apr 2024

Protecting West Africa’s Chocolate, one flyover at a time

Drone based spore sampling could help identify fungal diseases threatening Ghana’s cocoa farmers

17 Apr 2024

Oilseed rape in crisis: can fresh approaches to pest management save this vital crop?

New overview of research offers hope for more nature-friendly protection strategies

10 Apr 2024

Glyphosate ban could lead to difficult trade-offs

New modelling shows reduced yields of some crops if widely used herbicide is withdrawn

8 Apr 2024

First Phoma leaf spot resistance to azole fungicide found in Western Europe

Results prompt growing concern for future of oilseed rape yields

27 Mar 2024

Getting to the roots of black-grass’s waterlogging tolerance

Root structures and genetics give the weed an advantage over wheat and explain field patches

5 Mar 2024

DEFRA award to explore vital role of soil microbiomes

Collaboration will boost transition towards more sustainable agricultural practices in UK

14 Feb 2024

Companion plants reduce cabbage stem flea beetle damage on oilseed rape

Nature-friendly approaches could help control persistent pest

13 Feb 2024

Maintaining wheat yields possible over many years

Review of world’s longest running field experiment underscores its continuing value

9 Feb 2024

Agricultural fertilisers contribute substantially to microplastic concentrations in UK soils

Samples from Rothamsted’s long-term experiments provide valuable evidence

29 Jan 2024

Rothamsted spin-out SugaROx raises finance for T6P technology

Crop biostimulant company completes financing to develop products for global markets

22 Jan 2024

Sustainable Agriculture for Africa (SAFA) partners meet in Marrakesh

Workshop showcases 4 years of collaboration

19 Jan 2024

Why do we make changes to the long-term experiments at Rothamsted?

New paper summarises how the 180-year-old studies have been adapted over the years to make sure they stay relevant

17 Jan 2024

Rothamsted part of consortium awarded £6.5m to establish a Land Use for Net Zero Hub.

34 organisations will together provide UK administrations with evidence to drive land transformation to Net Zero by 2050

16 Jan 2024

New biotracer sheds light on land-use response to extreme wet weather

Forensic science approach reveals lack of resistance to soil erosion during periods of heavy rain

15 Jan 2024

Rothamsted submission to Food Standards Agency consultation on precision bred organisms

The consultation seeks to collect views from stakeholders on proposals for regulation and associated impact in England.

9 Jan 2024

Rothamsted wins grant to explore collective insurance options for farmers trying new climate-smart practices

Study will be one of 16 agri-food projects benefitting from £220,000 of grants to support reaching net zero

19 Dec 2023