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Reforestation of riverbanks needed to intercept soil loss from Brazilian sugar cane plantations

New forensic based study shows urgent need for increased tree planting

20 Jun 2024

Rothamsted Research agrees Global Commercial License with Yield 10 Bioscience to produce Omega-3 Products in Camelina

A huge success for UK biosciences, genetically engineered Camelina will enable sustainable land-based production of omega-3 oils for use in aquafeed, petfood and human nutrition

14 Jun 2024

Rothamsted announces partnership with the Environmental Farmers Group

Unique collaboration is developing farmer-led water quality monitoring schemes

3 Jun 2024

Swifts have potential to make a valuable contribution to insect control

Encouraging this charismatic and once common bird could help manage crop pests

22 May 2024

Prof Steve McGrath elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society

Scientist honoured for an outstanding career in soil and plant research

16 May 2024

Cell grazing supports double the livestock per hectare of set-stocking and delivers environmental benefits

Comprehensive study shows multiple positive impacts for both productivity and ecosystem health

15 May 2024

Rothamsted a Royal Patronage for King Charles III

Status confirmed after recent royal patronage review

8 May 2024

We’ve got the numbers. Why don’t you use them?

Rothamsted scientists have been accumulating data crucial for a sustainable agricultural future for decades. Now they want more researchers to use them

2 May 2024

Biofortified maize could help to reduce vitamin A deficiency in Zimbabwe

Study of household eating patterns shows adoption of the enhanced crop could improve nutrition, but additional support will be needed

30 Apr 2024

International Weed Genomics Consortium Celebrates Third Anniversary

Partnership has helped sequence more than 60 genomes for 45 detrimental weed species since 2021

25 Apr 2024

The optics of pest insect invasions

Light based sensors could provide early warning of pollen beetle infestation in oilseed rape

22 Apr 2024

Upside down and bolt upright: aphid aerial acrobatics revealed

High speed camera shows posture and wingbeat patterns in detail for the first time

19 Apr 2024

Protecting West Africa’s Chocolate, one flyover at a time

Drone based spore sampling could help identify fungal diseases threatening Ghana’s cocoa farmers

17 Apr 2024

Oilseed rape in crisis: can fresh approaches to pest management save this vital crop?

New overview of research offers hope for more nature-friendly protection strategies

10 Apr 2024

Glyphosate ban could lead to difficult trade-offs

New modelling shows reduced yields of some crops if widely used herbicide is withdrawn

8 Apr 2024

First Phoma leaf spot resistance to azole fungicide found in Western Europe

Results prompt growing concern for future of oilseed rape yields

27 Mar 2024

Getting to the roots of black-grass’s waterlogging tolerance

Root structures and genetics give the weed an advantage over wheat and explain field patches

5 Mar 2024