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Applications are once again open to join our unique SHAKE Climate Change programme.

SHAKE helps entrepreneurs and start-ups who are combating climate change with science or tech-based ideas in the areas of agriculture and food production.

Those ventures that progress through all three phases of the programme will receive up to £140k funding and two years of expert mentoring to help build their business.

Now in its third year, the Programme is hosted and led by Rothamsted Research as part of a consortium with three leading universities – Cranfield University, the University of Hertfordshire and University College London, with funding by the Societe Generale Foundation.

SHAKE Programme Manager, Tinne Midtgaard said: “SHAKE focuses on closing the gap in business development between the early start-up stage and investable businesses, through provision of expert care and advice, sourced through the high-profile consortium and its associated network of mentors.”

The first two cohorts, one in 2019 and one in 2020, comprised a total of 30 entrepreneurs with nine successful ventures ultimately selected by SHAKE to invest in.

programme steps

“Virtually every step in the value chain associated with agriculture impacts on climate – from how food is grown or reared, to the way the food is harvested, transported, stored and distributed. In addition, farmers themselves face increasing pressure to deliver sufficient food sustainably, whilst dealing with increasingly unstable climates,” said Ms Midtgaard.

“At SHAKE, we believe Entrepreneurs have a unique role to play in countering these challenges; they are agile and flexible in their approaches and are unencumbered by the vested interests and legacy investments of larger business and corporates.”

To find out more and to apply, please visit and follow SHAKE for the latest updates

Deadline for applications is Monday 3rd May by midnight 24.00 CET.


Applicants will have to select one representative from their company who can commit fully to participate and work with SHAKE for phase 1 (around four days’ worth of online workshops, starting on  31st May 2021) and phase 2 (roughly four months duration from 1st July 2021).


Start-up companies that target the agriculture sector with an innovative idea and new products and services that deliver a tangible, positive impact on climate change.

Ventures must be incorporated in the UK (registered with Companies House or will register to company house if selected to receive investment).


Rothamsted Research is the longest-running agricultural research institute in the world. We work from gene to field with a proud history of ground-breaking discoveries in areas as diverse as crop management, statistical interpretation and soil health. Our founders, in 1843, were the pioneers of modern agriculture, and we are known for our imaginative science and our collaborative approach to developing innovative farm practice.
Through independent research, we make significant contributions to improving agri-food systems in the UK and internationally, with economic impact estimated to exceed £3 bn in annual contribution to the UK economy. Our strength lies in our systems approach, which combines strategic research, interdisciplinary teams and multiple partnerships.
Rothamsted is home to three unique National Bioscience Research Infrastructures which are open to researchers from all over the world: The Long-Term Experiments, Rothamsted Insect Survey and the North Wyke Farm Platform.
We are strategically funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), with additional support from other national and international funding streams, and from industry. We are also supported by the Lawes Agricultural Trust (LAT).


The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council is part of UK Research and Innovation, a non-departmental public body funded by a grant-in-aid from the UK government.
BBSRC invests to push back the frontiers of biology and deliver a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future. Through our investments, we build and support a vibrant, dynamic and inclusive community which delivers ground-breaking discoveries and develops bio-based solutions that contribute to tackling global challenges, such as sustainable food production, climate change, and healthy ageing.
As part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), we not only play a pivotal role in fostering connections that enable the UK’s world-class research and innovation system to flourish – we also have a responsibility to enable the creation of a research culture that is diverse, resilient, and engaged.
BBSRC proudly forges interdisciplinary collaborations where excellent bioscience has a fundamental role. We pioneer approaches that enhance the equality, diversity, and inclusion of talent by investing in people, infrastructure, technologies, and partnerships on a global scale.


The Lawes Agricultural Trust, established in 1889 by Sir John Bennet Lawes, supports Rothamsted Research’s national and international agricultural science through the provision of land, facilities and funding. LAT, a charitable trust, owns the estates at Harpenden and Broom's Barn, including many of the buildings used by Rothamsted Research. LAT provides an annual research grant to the Director, accommodation for nearly 200 people, and support for fellowships for young scientists from developing countries. LAT also makes capital grants to help modernise facilities at Rothamsted, or invests in new buildings.