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Lipids are essential components of all our cells. More than just storage, lipids are incredibly dynamic and regulate almost every function of the cell. Understanding lipid composition and turnover in cells delivers fundamental understanding and impactful results.

The Rothamsted Lipidomics facility combines analytical mass spectrometry with years of expertise to provide a flexible workflow for your lipidomic needs.

Our approach makes lipid analysis easy to incorporate into your research. We have developed both targeted and untargeted lipidomic approaches to meet your analytical requirements. Using sensitive mass spectrometry, we require only minimal amounts of sample to deliver a global analysis of the cellular lipidome. We can provide guidance on sample preparation or extract lipids from your samples as part of the workflow. Our analytical know how includes the analysis of all major storage, membrane and signalling lipids in organelles, bacteria, yeast, microalgae, plants, animal cells and serum.

Cellular lipids come in all shapes and sizes with a staggering level of complexity. Using commercial standards and following guidance agreed by the Lipidomics Standards Initiative, we can identify and quantify hundreds of lipids in each sample. The analytical approach for samples will be agreed in advance and your data will be provided to you following an agreed timetable.

We are happy to help you with your research. We encourage you to request an initial free consultation to assess which lipidomics approach fits your research aim.


Dr Richard Haslam

Dr Richard Haslam

Plant Lipid Biochemist

Dr Louise Michaelson

Dr Louise Michaelson

Lipid Biochemist