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Start date

18 January 2024


10:00am - 1:30pm


Rothamsted Research North Wyke, EX20 2SB



How can farmers, land managers and researchers collaborate to tackle the challenges facing our agri-environmental sector?

In this Research Insight event, hear about current work being undertaken at Rothamsted Research’s North Wyke campus in Devon to engage farmers and land managers in social-environmental research.

The culture of cooperation among British farmers - Steven Emery

Steven is trained in anthropology, sociology and human geography and his research focuses on the cultural dimensions to farmer decision-making and behaviours. In this talk he will explore the current state of cooperation among British farmers within historical, cultural and environmental context. He will focus specifically on the cultural value of independence and how this mediates farmer receptivity toward cooperation and its wider implications for agri-environmental policy and wider transitions within the food system.

Agrifood for Net Zero Network – Simon Willcock

Simon is an interdisciplinary researcher whose main focus lies in the interaction between people and nature. In this talk, Simon will share learnings from the Agrifood for Net Zero Network+ which is bringing key stakeholders, organisations and networks together to shape our agrifood systems to move towards greater sustainability and net zero. Through co-development with the farming sector across the UK, Simon has explored the barriers to truly regenerative agriculture, and how these barriers might be overcome.

Trans4num: Transformation for sustainable nutrient supply and management

Trasn4num is a multi-partner EU project working across the agri-food sector, from farmers to policy makers, to support the transition to nature-based solutions for on-farm nutrient management. Hear from the Rothamsted team about the nature-based solutions being trialled at the North Wyke campus and help us in shaping how best to capture the potential impact of these trials on farmers and other landscape decision-makers.

Tea, coffee and a pasty lunch will be available for event attendees. Please contact the organiser if you have any specific dietary requirements.