The Agri-Tech Research Innovation Accelerator (AgRIA), collaborating to accelerate agri-food innovation.


AgRIA was an ideas proofing, fast-start : fast-stop engine, designed to help new innovations reach commercial viability by supporting the rapid testing of ideas to solve problems in agri-food. It was located at the centre of the Harpenden Campus in The Lawes Open Innovation Hub.

The Models


Ideas proofing was supported by business and entrepreneurial mentors and adopts lean and agile approaches. AgRIA operated three basic models:

  • Short leap projects of 6 months

  • Young entrepreneur MRes and PhD projects of 1-4 years
  • Longer 'leap of faith' projects of up to 5 years


AgRIA projects were theme based. A soils theme was the first to be launched in early 2017 followed by FarmInn due to be launched in the summer of 2017.

FarmInn: Innovating with farmers to improve the competitiveness of British Farming.

FarmInn aimed to provide real-world, scientifically proven solutions to challenges faced by UK farmers affecting the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of their business. The initiative supported innovative on-farm projects, enabling farmers to rigorously test new ideas whilst de-risking the process of trying innovative practices. Bringing together Rothamsted Research scientists and the expertise of UK farmers, FarmInn aimed to deliver real impact from innovative ideas.


The IP policy for AgRIA ensures those who contribute to its development through funding or research are fairly recognised. Please contact us to find out more about this policy.

The programme is no longer accepting applicants.