• 28
  • APR
  • 2019

As an ambitious young scientist, you probably know more about your specialist research topic than anyone, anywhere, ever.

Living it, eating it, breathing it. Let’s be honest; you think about it way more than is healthy.

Which means there’s a good chance that at some point (probably around 3am one sleepless night) you’ve had that crazy idea. And it would be brilliant...if it wasn’t just so darn crazy.

How to solve (insert real-world challenge here).

that's madness that's insane gif

But it keeps coming back to you, this crazy, brilliant idea, because you’re certain it can be done better - faster, smarter, cheaper, greener.

You know, I could solve that, if only I-

And that’s when you think up all the reasons not to do it.

Where to start? Who to ask? How will it be paid for? What if someone steals my ide-?

Whoah there.

No more procrastinating. It’s time! And we’re going to help you.

Because despite what you might have heard elsewhere, the world needs more experts. It needs visionaries. Disrupters. People who can take their hard-gained knowledge and make the world better.

So, whether you want to take your idea to industry, spin out your university research, apply for a patent, or start up a company, over the next few months we are going to provide you with all the tools to start you on your life defining journey.

Why now?

Why not?