Soil Scientist

Sustainable Agriculture Sciences


William has expertise in quantifying abiotic stress environments in soil and their impact on whole plant growth, including root growth. He is interested in the effects of soil management on soil structure.




    +44 (0) 1582 938 486


      Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, AL5 2JQ



        • 2013
          Sweeney, P.,Travis, K.,Whalley, W. R.,Whitmore, A. P.,Dailey, A. G.,Wu, L.,Van Beinum, W.,Brown, C.

          Modelling the path to better soil applied pesticides

          In Abstracts Conference on Pesticide Behaviour in Soils, Water and Air, York, 2-4 September 2013

        • 2012
          Laudone, G. M.,Matthews, G. P.,Bird, N. R. A.,Whalley, W. R.,Cardenas, L. M.,Gregory, A. S.

          A dual porous model to predict the effects of soil structure on denitrification and N2O emission

          In Abstracts 4th International Congress Eurosoil 2012, Bari, 2-6 July 2012

        • 2012
          Lewicka-Szczebak, D.,Well, R.,Cardenas, L. M.,Matthews, P.,Misselbrook, T. H.,Bol, R.,Whalley, W. R.,Gregory, A. S.

          Isotope fractionation factors controlling isotopologue signatures of soil-emitted N2O produced by denitrification processes of various rates

          In Abstracts 6th International Symposium on Isotopomers, Washington, DC, 18-22 June 2012 : 51

        • 2011
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          Effect of soil saturation on denitrification in a grassland soil

          In Abstracts Conference on Nitrogen and Global Change: Key Findings - Future Challenges, Edinburgh, 11-15 April 2011

        • 2010
          Chapman, N.,Whalley, W. R.,Miller, A. J.,Lindsey, K.

          Separating the effects of water and nitrate stress on root system architecture

          In Abstracts 15th International Workshop on Plant Membrane Biology, Adelaide, 19-24 September 2010 : 61

        • 2010
          Matthews, G. P.,Laudone, G. M.,Whalley, W. R.,Bird, N. R. A.,Gregory, A. S.,Cardenas, L. M.,Misselbrook, T. H.

          A dual-porous, biophysical void structure model of soil for the understanding of the conditions causing nitrous oxide emission

          : EGU2010-15513
          Open Access

        • 2009
          Macleod, C. J. A.,Binley, A.,Clark, L. J.,Gregory, A. S.,Hawkins, S. L.,Humphreys, M.,Joynes, A.,Papdopoulos, A.,Skot, L.,Stone, A.,Turner, L. B.,Watts, C. W.,Webster, C. P.,Whalley, W. R.,Haygarth, P. M.

          Linking plant biology and soil physics to understand hillslope hydrology

          In Abstracts European Geophysical Union General Assembly, Vienna, 19-24 April 2009

        • 2009
          Markgraf, W.,Horn, R.,Watts, C. W.,Whalley, W. R.

          Long-term effects of fertilizing systems on soil microstructure: rheological investigations of Rothamsted soils classifying stiffness degradation

          In ISTRO 18th Triennial Conference Proceedings, Izmir, Turkey, 15-19 June 2009 : T4-025-1-8

        • 2009
          Matthews, G. P.,Laudone, G. M.,Whalley, W. R.,Bird, N. R. A.,Gregory, A. S.,Cardenas, L. M.,Misselbrook, T. H.

          Measurement and pore-level modelling of the production of nitrous oxide from soil

          In Abstracts 2nd International Conference on Biohydrology 2009: a Changing Climate for Biology and Soil Hydrology Interactions, Bratislava, 21-24 September 2009

        • 2007
          Macleod, C. J. A.,Binley, A.,Clark, L. J.,Hawkins, S. L.,Humphreys, M. W.,King, I. P.,Scholefield, D.,Turner, L. B.,Whalley, W. R.,Haygarth, P. M.

          Genetically modified hydrographs: what can grass genetics do for temperate catchment hydrology?

          European Geosciences Union, General Assembly 2007, Vienna, Austria, 16-20 April 2007

        • 1997
          Clark, L. J.,Whalley, W. R.,Cope, R. E.,Aphale, S. L.,Barraclough, P. B.,Dexter, A. R.,Leigh, R. A.

          Evaluation of techniques for screening the ability of rice roots to grow against mechanical impedance

          In Abstracts 2nd Tansley Conference Putting Plant Physiology On The Map, Bangor, 1-3 April 1997 : 12

        • 1996
          Clark, L. J.,Whalley, W. R.,Cope, R. E.,Dexter, A. R.,Barraclough, P. B.,Leigh, R. A.

          The effect of mechanical impedance on root growth in rice

          In Abstracts 5th Symposium of the International Society of Root Research, Clemson, 14-18 July 1996 : 139

        Strategic programme

        • Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Systems (ASSIST)
        • Designing Future Wheat (DFW)

        Science project

        • NUCLEUS: a virtual joint centre to deliver enhanced Nitrogen Use effiCiency via an integrated soiL-plant systEms approach for the Uk & BraSil (NEWTON FUND)
        • Modelling and managing critical zone relationships between soil, water and ecosystem processes across the Loess Plateau

        PhD project



        • 1988 - PhD Soil Physics, Photosedimentation of clays University of Aberdeen, UK
        • 1985 - MSc Agricultural Engineering, Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK
        • 1983 - BSc 2(i) Agricultural Engineering, Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK


        • Associate Editor European Journal of Soil Science
        • Associate Editor Soil Science Society of America Journal
        • Editorial Board Soil and Tillage Research
        • Section editor Plant and Soil
        • Member of the BBSRC pool of experts to review grant applications. (2010-2013)