Head of Plant Sciences; Designing Future Wheat (ISP) Leader

Plant Sciences


Malcolm is Head of Plant Sciences and leads the Institute Strategic Programme, Designing Future Wheat. He has published widely on the biochemistry and molecular biology of plant nutrition and is internationally recognised for contributions in the field of plant nutrition, particularly with regard to nitrogen and sulphur. He also leads the field phenotyping project at Rothamsted Research.


+44 (0) 1582 938 597


    Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, AL5 2JQ




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      • 1999
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      • 1999
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      • 1998
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        Allocation of sulphur within oilseed rape leaves and the effect of sulphur deficiency

        In Abstracts Rank Prize Fund Conference, Grasmere, July 1998


      Strategic programme

      • Designing Future Wheat (DFW)

      Science project

      • Wheat Improvement Strategic Programme (WISP) Prebreeding extension
      • Wheat Genetic Improvement Network (WGIN)
      • IWYP Realising increased photosynthetic efficiency to increase wheat yields
      • CP 3.1 – Phenotyping and genotyping photosynthetic traits of the Hereford x Player mapping population
      • NUCLEUS: a virtual joint centre to deliver enhanced Nitrogen Use effiCiency via an integrated soiL-plant systEms approach for the Uk & BraSil (NEWTON FUND)
      • Indo-UK Centre for the improvement of Nitrogen use Efficiency in Wheat (NEWTON FUND)

      PhD project

      • The relationships between genotype, yield and environmental factors on protein distribution in the wheat endosperm


      • 1979 - BSc (Hons) University of Liverpool, UK
      • 1982 - PhD in Science, Dundee University, UK


      • International committee member for Plant Sulfur workshop series
      • Chair of Wheat initiative EWG-NUE
      • Editorial board Plant Biology Journal and BMC Plant Biology
      • Advisory board Journal Experimental Botany, member of DFG (Germany) grants panel on nutrient ecophysiology