Soil Science Technician

Sustainable Soils and Crops


Javier is carrying out research on nutrients and contaminants in soils and crops, and developing new ICP-MS methods and optimising existing methods to measure nutrients and other elements in soils and plant material. He has set up and run soil and hydroponic experiments. His skills include sampling, preparation, analysis and archiving of plant, soil and water samples from field and pot experiments. He maintains databases, including Endnote, literature, contacts, Docuport protocols, chemicals, equipment, group grants, crop and soil materials; and general computing. He trains others in lab techniques and H&S. He can also handle data and results in computer databases, and increase and optimise hyperaccumulator plant and seed stock for bioremediation programme. Javier does experiments on phosphorus soil processes and plant nutrition. As part of this work, he has further extended his skills by culturing plants under controlled conditions; he has also undertaken chemical analysis of plants and soils, especially in relation to relevant mass spectroscopy (MS) techniques, such as ICP-MS.




    +44 (0) 1582 938 629


      Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, AL5 2JQ

        Strategic programme

        • Soil 2 Nutrition (S2N)

        Science project

        • iGCRF (Institute award) - Data and Resources for African Soils
        • Optimising sulphur management to maximise oilseed rape and cereal yields and farm profitability


        • 2005 - PhD in Science, University of the Basque Country, Spain
        • 1999 - Master in Science, University of the Basque Country, Spain
        • 1997 - Bachelor Biochemistry, University of the Basque Country, Spain