A new initiative designed to support innovative on-farm research projects which aim to provide real world scientifically proven solutions to challenges faced by UK farmers affecting the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of their businesses.

Enabling UK farmers to rigorously test new ideas whilst de-risking the process of trying innovative practices

The farmer focused projects will bring together Rothamsted Research scientists and expertise with UK farmers to provide real world worked examples of scientific research which can be implemented on farms throughout the country and further afield.

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Projects will follow the process detailed below:

The Benefits

Rothamsted Research has a strong reputation for world-leading agricultural research. This, combined with our cutting edge laboratory, glass houses and controlled environment facilities provide unique assets that can be exploited to develop beneficial research for the farming industry.


Co-develop solutions with scientists and de-risk the testing of innovative ideas.


Encourage the uptake of innovative practice and develop the necessary tools to create a resilient and competitive UK agricultural industry.


Connecting innovative, proactive farmers with best available science, encourage progressive and viable farming systems and encourage the development of proven on-farm innovation.

Rothamsted RESEARCH

Linking Rothamsted Research scientists with farmers who are pro-active and innovative will build better relationships and create a dialogue to influence future research projects. This will also allow Rothamsted Research to achieve more targeted knowledge exchange, create better connections with on-going funded activity and build a tangible portfolio of outcomes.


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For more information on the FarmInn initiative please look at the information sheet here