“The skill set I have acquired is the biggest reward of my apprenticeship. In the past two years, I have developed a wide range of both soft and hard skills which have not only had a positive impact on my work performance, but also boosted my confidence and now make me step up, suggest improvements and ask for more work!”



Rothamsted Research - Harpenden


Laboratory Technician - Metabolomics


Level 3


Oaklands College -Welwyn Garden City Campus


Jane Ward

Alice has re-invigorated the whole team and has been proactive in making suggestions that have improved procedures and practices for everyone. As her conf tidence gained, she expanded her activities and the group can now offer a wider number of services for users of our facility.


I came across the apprenticeships after completing an Access to HE (Science) course. The opportunity to work at such a well-respected institute while earning and learning was so attractive to me. The work that Rothamsted does is so important and so highly recommended by my school staff I was determined to get a place. Over the past two years of being here I have loved the teamwork and independent work coupled with the variety of tasks I was involved in. I had complete trust from my line manager and peers from day one which gave me a lot of confidence to work to the best of my ability and really made me feel like part of the team. I would highly recommend an apprenticeship at Rothamsted as it is an amazing workplace, where dynamic and success-driven individuals from all over the world collaborate to achieve common goals that benefit us all

Alice Bellisai at Rothamsted

As well as formal support (mentoring, supervision and training), the community of apprentices at Rothamsted is varied, you will never have trouble seeking support from your peers. As well as this, you are surrounded by world-class scientists and technicians, who have an array of skills, and are always willing to help.

Rothamsted is a social place, for apprentices in particular! There are sports and social clubs to join, as well as a gym and tennis courts on site. In our social club, we have a bar (the “Pav”) which holds events year-round and is open on Friday nights. London is only 25 minutes away by train, so the opportunity to attend social and cultural events is endless.