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Sustainable Soils and Grassland Systems

The Sustainable Soils and Grassland Systems Department aims to understand, model and manipulate the abiotic and biotic processes in arable and grazed grassland soils to improve the function, resilience and sustainability of farming systems.

Head of Department: Prof. Keith Goulding
Departmental Secretary: Sally Murdoch

Areas of scientific expertise

The Department has internationally-acknowledged expertise in the biology, chemistry and physics of soils and soil processes in arable and grazed grassland systems. It has particular expertise in nutrient and pollutant cycling, especially of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and micronutrients, the recycling of organic manures, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, soil-root interactions, and soil and crop modelling. The Department delivers to Rothamsted's strategic objectives in the areas of sustainable soil and grassland management.

The Department links most closely to the Delivering Sustainable Systems research programme, delivering research on sustainable soil and grassland management. It also delivers research into soil-root interactions to '20:20 Wheat®', on carbon cycling, sequestration and modelling to 'Cropping Carbon', and on micronutrient quality of cereal grains to 'Designing Seeds'.

Success stories

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Research Teams

Farm Platform National Capability

The Farm Platform provides a Research Hotel for agri-environmental research, attracting researchers from different communities and disciplines to promote new ideas or tackle old problems in new ways.

Modelling Bioenergy Systems

Evaluation of the productivity of perennial energy crops in land use systems, environmental impact of energy crops using a wide range of modelling techniques (including Monte Carlo and scenario simulation)...

Quantifying Sustainability

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Research focusses on evaluating the sustainability of modern agricultural practices and the tradeoffs with the provision of environmental goods and services. An ecosystem services approach has been adopted for use with mathematical models that quantify, value and compare the provision and resilience of provision of goods and environmental services in both space and time and in the face of stresses such as climate change and growth in demand.

Department Articles

Rothamsted Carbon Model (RothC)

The model is available for the following operating systems DOS, Windows 95, 98 , 2000, XP and NT.

It is free of charge, subject to the following two conditions:-

Department Press Releases

Eight strategies for efficient and sustainable livestock farming

Livestock farming, that works best for individuals, communities and the planet, should be supported by studies on best practice using research farm platform facilities.

A grass roots approach to flooding

The unique Farm Platform facility of Rothamsted Research in North Wyke Devon will be used for a new project which aims to develop new grasses that enable grassland soils to capture increased volumes of rainfall, thereby reducing the risk of flooding downstream. The 5 year £2.5 million LINK project named SUREROOT is funded by the BBSRC and match-funded by a range of industrial partners from across the food production spectrum, including a seed company, major retailer and the meat, poultry and dairy industry. It is led by scientists at Aberystwyth University’s Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) in partnership with Rothamsted Research.

Professor John Crawford joins Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted Research is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor John Crawford. John Crawford joined Rothamsted Research at the beginning of November 2013 and he will lead the Institute's Delivering Sustainable Systems Strategic Programme, which is funded by the BBSRC. His aim is to support the growth of integrative research at Rothamsted. 

Rothamsted scientist becomes President of the International Society of Trace Element Biogeochemistry

Professor Steve McGrath awarded this prestigious international post to support sustainable agriculture and environmental management systems

A wet year? Nearly 1 billion litres of rain fell on UK research centre in 2012

Scientists from Rothamsted Research at North Wyke use their research"farm platform" in Devon to accurately measure unprecedented levels of rainfall, its impact on farming and to test novel ways to overcome water losses.

Reducing the environmental impacts of fertiliser use.

Scientists from Rothamsted Research help develop improved soil management techniques and policy reforms that could reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2030 in China.


Employment vacancies - Sustainable Soils and Grassland Systems

  • Research Assistant (Ref: 1325)

    Rothamsted Research, the largest agricultural research centre in the UK and the oldest agricultural research station in the world, is seeking a
    Research Assistant to work with Dr Martin Blackwell as part of a national consortium (Rothamsted Research North Wyke, Lancaster University, James Hutton Institute) on a BBSRC research grant for 2 years, studying plant utilisation of soil organic phosphorus.

Details of all external vacancies will be posted here as they become available. If you find nothing that interests you this visit, please call again. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to hold CVs against possible future vacancies. We can only accept applications quoting a relevant and appropriate vacancy number.

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Department People

title First Name Last Name Department Location
View Dr Francesco Agostini SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Anastasios Argyropoulos SSGS North Wyke
View Miss Anka Asandei SSGS North Wyke
View Mr Rhys Ashton SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Tim Bearder SSGS North Wyke
View Miss Deborah Beaumont SSGS North Wyke
View Mrs Maureen Birdsey SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Martin Blackwell SSGS North Wyke
View Miss Helena Bowen SSGS North Wyke
View Mrs Melanie Brookman SSGS Harpenden
View Miss Victoria Camp SSGS North Wyke
View Mr Enrique Cancer-Berroya SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Laura Cardenas SSGS North Wyke
View Miss Alison Carswell SSGS North Wyke
View Mr Nick Chapman SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Yi Chen SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Kevin Coleman SSGS Harpenden
View Prof Adie Collins SSGS North Wyke
View Mr Adrian Crosland SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Gordon Dailey SSGS Harpenden
View Mrs Di Dawkins SSGS Harpenden
View Miss Liz Dixon SSGS North Wyke
View Mr Neil Donovan SSGS North Wyke
View Mrs Anne Duffy SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Jennifer Dungait SSGS North Wyke
View Miss Sarah Dunham SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Robert Dunn SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Mark Durenkamp SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Hugo Emerit SSGS Harpenden
View Miss Hannah Fleming SSGS North Wyke
View Mr Steve Freeman AGEC, SSGS Harpenden
View Mrs Sarah Gilhespy SSGS North Wyke
View Mr Salvador Girbau SSGS Harpenden
View Prof Keith Goulding SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Steve Granger SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Andy Gregory SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Bruce Griffith SSGS North Wyke
View Mr Felix Grosjean SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Christopher Hall SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Paul Harris SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Jane Hawkins SSGS North Wyke
View Miss Denise Headon SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Javier Hernandez SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Chris Hodgson SSGS North Wyke
View Miss Claire Horrocks SSGS North Wyke
View Mr John Hunt SSGS Harpenden
View Mrs Linda Jewell SSGS North Wyke
View Mr Adrian Joynes SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Kate Le Cocq SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Nadine Loick SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Andy Macdonald SSGS Harpenden
View Miss Martina Masna SSGS Harpenden
View Miss Rachel Matthews SSGS North Wyke
View Prof Steve McGrath SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Tom Misselbrook SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Shibu Muhammed SSGS Harpenden
View Mrs Sally Murdoch SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Phil Murray SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Andy Neal SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Stuart Norris SSGS North Wyke
View Mr Peter North SSGS North Wyke
View Mrs Marion North SSGS North Wyke
View Mr Robert Orr SSGS North Wyke
View Ms Francesca Perazzolo SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Marc Redmile-Gordon SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Andrew Retter SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Benjamin Richard SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Goetz Richter SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Joaquin Romero De Tejada SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Joaquin Romero De Tejado SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Tony Scott SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Anita Shepherd SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Tom Sizmur SSGS Harpenden
View Mrs Ruth Skilton SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Lindsay Todman SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Kevin Wagner SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Christopher Watts SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Colin Webster SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Richard Whalley SSGS Harpenden
View Prof Andy Whitmore SSGS Harpenden
View Mr Jon Williams SSGS North Wyke
View Mrs Wendy Wilmer SSGS Harpenden
View Dr Lianhai Wu SSGS North Wyke
View Dr Fangjie Zhao SSGS Harpenden
View Ms XiaoYun Zhou SSGS Harpenden