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Spring meeting - 3rd March 2016

Penny Hirsch: The potential for controlling the N cycle in soil and reducing nitrous oxide emissions

Tanya Curtis: Effect of variety and sulphur application on acrylamide formation in wheat

Steve McGrath: The sulphur value of manures

Andy Gregory: Linking soil carbon, soil physical properties and soil management


Winter Meeting - 2nd December 2015

Steve Foster: Insecticide resistance in aphids and developing problems with beetles and weevils

Richard Hull: How sustainable is the increased use of residual actives for black-grass control

Gia Aradottir: Searching for resistance to aphids

Nichola Hawkins: Azole fungicide resistance in cereal pathogens

Pollinator Survey - September 2015

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SARISA: Roots of Decline newsletter - July 2015

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Summer Meeting - 1st July 2015

Achim Dobermann: Yields - why are they static - is it soil management?

John Crawford: Rothamsted's approach to delivering sustainable systems

Paul Neve: Black Grass Research at Rothamsted

Forecasting and Monitoring Pests and Diseases - 11th February 2015

Richard Harrington: 50 years and counting – how the Insect Survey continues to provide invaluable information to inform aphid control decisions

Sam Cook: How can decision support system forecasts improve management of pollen beetle and cabbage stem flea beetle in oilseed rape?

Jon West: From spore traps to optical sensing - what techniques and tools are available for forecasting and monitoring fungal diseases?

Toby Bruce: Pest monitoring and new opportunities via CROPROTECT