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Welcome to the website of Rothamsted Radar Entomology Unit, a specialised technical unit within Britain’s oldest agricultural research institute.  This website demonstrates Rothamsted’s commitment to developing dedicated instrumentation and techniques in order to perform cutting-edge research in insect movement and spatial ecology

The unit was first established in 1971 and it has a wealth of knowledge and history in the use of remote sensing technology in study insect movement around the globe.

Publications of the Radar Entomology Unit

The publications of the radar entomology unit since 1973

Facts and Figures

Scientists in this unit have solved many mysteries in the world of insect migration and movement and, at the same time,  have addressed many  problems in pest control and conservation ecology.


This unit not only houses specialised entomological radars but also other technologies.

News and Updates

The latest news and updates from the project, including media reports


Radar entomology was first established in sixties. There were some adventurous field expeditions, particularly in the early years, while the radar unit was working on insect migration in developing countries.

Mission statement

As part of Rothamsted Research’s strategic programme grant Delivering Sustainable Systems, scientists are studying the interactions between human activities, insect spatial ecology and population dynamics in agricultural landscapes and beyond.


We are multi-disciplinary team of radar biologists, entomologists, ecologists and engineer reflecting the diverse skill set that characterises the field of radar entomology.


Being a vibrant research group, the Radar Entomology Unit is currently involved in several projects