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Code title ISPG
S2065 BBSRC Quota Studentship: The nutritional importance of different mass-flowering crop varieties as early spring forage for pollinators Sustainability
S2071 Lawes Trust Studentship: Investigating ladybird alkaloids as potential leads for novel insecticides Sustainability
S2072 Lawes Trust Studentship: Role of host volatiles in plant disease epidermiology with insect vectors Sustainability
S2073 Conacyt Funded Studentship: Adaption of Mycoshaerella graminicola to different classes of fungicides used to control Septoria Leaf Blotch Plant Biology & Crop Science
S2075 BBSRC CASE Studentship: Molecular studies of pyrethroid selectivity at neuronal sodium channels from ticks Sustainability
S2076 BBSRC CASE Studentship: A genomic approach to understanding insecticide resistance in diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) Sustainability
S2077 BBSRC Quota Studentship: Effect of grass cell wall feruloylation on biomass digestibility and structural properties Designing seeds
S2078 LAT studentship:The microbiology of lean and obese soil Sustainability
S2081 Understanding the impact of gibberellin signalling on fertility in wheat.
S2082 DTP Studentship: Exploring the genetic and mechanistic basis of resistance to Take-all disease in wheat
S2083 BBSRC CIRC Studentship: Genetic and environmental impacts on the composition and functional properties of wheat lipids Designing seeds
S2084 DTP Studentship: Modelling the causes of spatial and temporal variation in annual grass weeds in fields for precision weed management
S2085 DTP Studentship: Exploring the relationship between the structure of wheat dietary fibre and pre-biotic activity Designing seeds
S2086 CAPES Studentship: An exploration of the function of specific components of the predicted secretome of Fusarium graminearum during wheat infection
S2087 CNPq Studentship: Enhancing photosynthetic capacity and energy conversion efficiency in wheat
S2088 Industry Studentship: Investigating the breakdown of chemical control in brown planthoppers from Asia Sustainability
S2089 Genetic influences of sugar beet cell wall composition on biorefining
S2090 Interaction of light and giberellin signalling in the regulation of wheat architecture
S2092 Improving modelling of wheat responses to high temperature stress under climate change
S2094 SW DTP Studentship: The role of the decomposer community in nutrient dynamics over periods of managment change Sustainability
S2095 The dung cycle and transmission of drug-resistant parasites in a changing environment Sustainability
S2096 Modelling the temporal and spatial ecology of the oilseed rape pest Meligethes aeneus; implications for integrated pest mangement strategies Insect Survey
S2097 The relationships between genotype, yield and environmental factors on protein distribution in the wheat endosperm
S2100 Signalling pathways protecting against photo-oxidative stress during chloroplast development in wheat
S2101 Microbial cycling at the farm: a systems approach to assess risks and opportunities Sustainability
S2102 The effect of strip cropping maize on invertebrate biodiversity Sustainability
S2103 How does bZIP67 link seed nutritional quality and germination potential to climatic conditions? Designing seeds
S2104 New opportunities to understand human and insect ryanodine receptors through their differential interactions with novel chemical agonists. Sustainability
S2105 Molecular characterisation of the plant N-end rule, a pathway of agricultural importance. Designing seeds
S2106 Characterisation of chemical signalling from beneficial trichoderma spp Sustainability
S2107 Fruit host selection by the olfactory system in the agricultural pest drosophila suzukii Sustainability
S2108 Quantifying the impacts of the neonicotinoid restriction on oilseed rape pest control, pollination and productivity Sustainability
S2109 Understanding the relative impacts of climate change on crop production using data from the Long Term Experiments Sustainability
S2110 Understanding the links between soil, plants and pollination Sustainability
S2112 An exploration of the evolutionary dynamics of non-target site herbicide resistance in Alopecurus myosuroides Sustainability
S2113 Rhizosphere bacteria promote sustainable crop growth Sustainability
S2114 *BBSRC Notts DTP:Darja Doberman Sustainability
S2115 *Zofia Garajova-Warwick Uni Sustainability
S2116 Investigation and characterisation of diamide insecticide resistance due to target site mutations in the ryanodine receptor of lepidopteran pests Sustainability
S2900 Nottingham Students Rotation
S2902 *Exeter MSc Student Rotation
S2903 *SWDTP Development & PIPS funds
S2905 Research Experience Studentship North Wyke
S2906 *Research Exp Student Directors
S2907 *Exploring spot blotch disease
S5162 Chemical ecology and integrated management of the banana weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus, in Ghana Sustainability
S5164 Long-term sludge experiments: Continuation and planning Sustainability
S5167 *Brazil placement Sustainability
S5170 The interplay of rodent behaviour and semiochemistry: from scientific principles to control strategies Sustainability
S5174 BBSRC LINK: Genetic improvement of wheat to reduce the potential for acrylamide formation during processing


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