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Code title ISPG
S2071 Lawes Trust Studentship: Investigating ladybird alkaloids as potential leads for novel insecticides Sustainability
S2072 Lawes Trust Studentship: Role of host volatiles in plant disease epidermiology with insect vectors Sustainability
S2073 Conacyt Funded Studentship: Adaption of Mycoshaerella graminicola to different classes of fungicides used to control Septoria Leaf Blotch Plant Biology & Crop Science
S5164 Long-term sludge experiments: Continuation and planning Sustainability
S5170 The interplay of rodent behaviour and semiochemistry: from scientific principles to control strategies Sustainability
S5177 Triticeae genomics for sustainable agriculture
S5189 The Rothamsted Long-Term Experiments including Sample Archive and e-RA database Long Term Experiment
S5190 The North Wyke Farm Platform Farm Platform
S5191 The Rothamsted Insect Survey Insect Survey
S5192 Pathogen-Host Interactions Database: PHI Database PHI Base
S5193 Understanding pesticide resistance and developing sustainable crop protection strategies Sustainability
S5194 Innovative approaches to pest management Sustainability
S5195 Movement and spatial ecology in agricultural landscapes Sustainability
S5196 Optimisation of nutrients in soil-plant systems: How can we control nitrogen cycling in soil? Sustainability
S5197 Optimisation of nutrients in soil-plant systems: Determining how phosphorus availability is regulated in soils Sustainability
S5198 Quantifying Sustainable Systems Sustainability
S5199 Maximising carbon harvest from perennial crops Cropping Carbon
S5201 Integrating carbon systems Cropping Carbon
S5202 Maximising yield potential of wheat
S5203 Protecting yield potential of wheat
S5204 Soil resource interactions
S5205 Systems approaches to crop improvement
S5206 Designing cereal seeds for nutrition and health Designing seeds
S5207 Designing oilseeds for nutrition and health Designing seeds
S5214 Maximising carbon retention in soils Cropping Carbon
S5269 Xylan arbinosyl transferases:identification and characcterisation of their role in determining properties of grass cell walls Designing seeds
S5265 Implementing Component 2 of Demonstration Test Catchment project - to test integrated diffuse pollution migration measures for farming systems Sustainability
S5219 KETC
S5233 SMART cereals for management of stemborer pests in staple cereals in Africa Sustainability
S5239 *Institute Development Grant
S5221 Supergen Bioenergy hub Cropping Carbon
S2065 BBSRC Quota Studentship: The nutritional importance of different mass-flowering crop varieties as early spring forage for pollinators Sustainability
S5240 Improved disease monitoring and management for wheat and cassava through epidemiological modelling Sustainability
S2078 LAT studentship:The microbiology of lean and obese soil Sustainability
S2077 BBSRC Quota Studentship: Effect of grass cell wall feruloylation on biomass digestibility and structural properties Designing seeds
S2076 BBSRC CASE Studentship: A genomic approach to understanding insecticide resistance in diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella) Sustainability
S2075 BBSRC CASE Studentship: Molecular studies of pyrethroid selectivity at neuronal sodium channels from ticks Sustainability
S5316 Bioenergy value chains: Whole systems analysis and optimisation Cropping Carbon
S5266 Defining the genetic and semiochemical basis of tick resistance in cattle Sustainability
S2083 BBSRC CIRC Studentship: Genetic and environmental impacts on the composition and functional properties of wheat lipids Designing seeds
S5338 Roots for the future- A systematic approach to root design: SUREROOT Sustainability
S6066 CC Metabolomic Consumables Cropping Carbon
S5272 Ionic liquid biorefining of lignocellulose to sustainable polymers Cropping Carbon
S6061 IDG Helicoverpa Armigera
S6054 *Design Cereal Seeds (P.Shewry, R Mitchell) Designing seeds
S6056 *Design Oilseeds (Olga Sayanova) Designing seeds
S6057 *Design Oilseeds (Freddie Theodoulou) Designing seeds
S6058 *Design Oilseeds (Peter Easmond) Designing seeds
S5243 Ameliorating the sustainable control of invasive insects - ASCII Sustainability
S6068 KETC Sparkling Impact Award


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