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Carly Whittaker

Agricultural Systems Specalist
Sustainable Agriculture Sciences Harpenden

I have been working in life cycle assessment (LCA) of bioenergy systems since 2006, where I took up a Research Assistant post at Imperial College London. Here I worked on the NERC-funded TSEC BIOSYS project, where I explored the greenhouse mitigation potential of various bioenergy supply chains in the UK, including imported agricultural wastes. I focussed on Drax’s co-firing of various biomass types, district heating from locally-sourced wood chips and dedicated wood chip electricity generation. I also performed a LCA on the full life cycle of Miscanthus, Short Rotation Coppice (SRC), and forest residue biomass, including cultivation, harvesting and processing. The project involved working with various stakeholders across the supply chain. The final report is available here, and the results of the project were presented at the Royal Society in June 2009.  


During my work at Imperial College London I also produced a ‘Mirror Report’ to the ‘Billion Ton Report’ by Bob Perlack et al., (2005), which was the first biomass resource assessment produced in the United States. The report for the UK was performed using the same methodology, and I visited the authors of the original report at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The results of the project were presented at Georgia Tech. University, Atlanta, Georgia in August 2007, and the final report is available here.


After this I worked as a consultant for North Energy Associates for almost two years, where I performed LCAs for private and publically funded clients. The main projects include the optimal use of vegetable oil for bioenergy purposes, the environmental impacts of manufacturing several renewable chemicals, and the greenhouse gas implications of timber transport.


I left North Energy Associates in August 2010 to pursue a PhD in the Sustainable Energy Research Team (SERT) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath. The PhD focussed on the importance of LCA methodology on the regulation of biofuels. The research led to four peer-reviewed publications and a book chapter.


During my PhD I also worked as a self-employed consultant, doing LCAs for Miscanthus rhizome propagation (New Energy Farms) and wheat cultivation (Warburtons).


I currently work at Rothamsted Research on the Supergen Bioenergy Hub Project. Rothamsted Research is heading Task 1.4: Streamlining the Supply Chain: where we are looking at losses that occur during biomass harvesting, processing, storage and drying. The main focus is on wood chip storage, which we have set up two outside storage heaps from which are monitoring the greenhouse gas emissions from the heap, dry matter losses and moisture content changes. We are also involved in Task 1.3: Evaluation of Synthetic Natural Gas, where we are examining the biomethane potential of early-harvested Miscanthus. The work involves experimental design, monitoring, laboratory and analytical work.




Works With:
+44 (0) 1582 763 133 ext: +44 1582 938670
Rothamsted Research, West Common, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ


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PhD Thesis: The Importance of Life Cycle Assessment Methodology in the Regulation of Biofuels (University of Bath)


MSc in Forestry Protection and Conservation (Imperial College London)


BSc in Biology (Imperial College London)