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Wendy Wilmer

Research Scientist
Computational and Analytical Sciences

I am Quality Assurance Manager and contact for Full Economic Costing (FEC) for the Analytical Unit with management responsibilities for the Anion and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Facilities. 

Anion Analysis

Skalar San Plus Colourimetric continuous flow Analyser

Colourimetric Continuous Flow Analysis is routinely used for the determination of nitrate-N, nitrite-N, ammonia-N, chloride and phosphate-P in soil and plant extracts/digests and environmental samples. Total N is also determined using an online UV persulphate oxidation stage. 

TOC Facility

TOC analyser Shimadzu UV Oxidation (high salt samples)TOC analyser Analytical Sciences, Thermalox high temperature Catalytic Combustion

Total organic carbon in solution is determined on one of two instruments, high salt extracts of soil are generally measured on a UV persulphate oxidation system while water samples and soil solution waters are run on a high temperature catalytic combustion instrument.


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