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Past Projects
Principal Investigator
  • Modelling the path to better soil-applied pesticides
Project Leader
  • Bio-physics of the soil-root interface
  • BBSRC Quota Studentship: Root developmental responses to heterogeneous water and nitrogen supply
  • Non-invasive acoustic-seismic sensing of soils
  • Lawes Trust Studentship: The influence of roots on soil structure: physio-chemical implications
  • Lawes Trust Studentship: Organic nitrogen losses from buffer zones: interactions with soil structure and hydrological pathways
  • Soil resource interactions
  • Phenotyping root function in wheat
  • Measuring and quantifying the abiotic stress in the root environment
  • Managing soil physical properties to maximise wheat yield
  • *An optical calibration function and process for a dielectric tensiometer sensor of the matric potential of soil
  • An integrated approach to increasing water use efficiency and drought tolerance in wheat production in the UK
  • BBSRC Quota studentship: Investigating genetic and environmental factors that control root and shoot architecture in wheat
  • DTP Studentship: Exploring the genetic and mechanistic basis of resistance to Take-all disease in wheat

Peer reviewed papers 2005 to Present

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Measures of esteem


  • Honorary Associate Professor at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Nottingham
  • German Society of Soil Science meeting on Development of soil structure and function (Key note speaker)


  • Member of the BBSRC pool of experts to review grant applications
  • Key note speaker at a Rank Prize meeting
  • International Scientific Program Comittee for the VIII Symposium of the International Society for Root Research


  • Member of unsaturated-zone technical committee of the EGU
  • Member of the Institution of Professional Soil Sci