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Benjamin Richard

Post Doctoral Research Scientist
Sustainable Agriculture Sciences Harpenden
Works With:
+44 (0) 1582 763 133 ext: +44 1582 938185
Rothamsted Research, West Common, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ

Peer reviewed journals:

Cerasuolo, M., Richter, G. M., Richard, B., Cunniff, J., Girbau, S., Shield, I., Purdy, S., & Karp, A. (2016), "Development of a sink-source interaction model for the growth of SRC willow and in silico exploration of G × E effects", Journal of Experimental Botany, 67(3), 961-977

Passeport, E., Richard, B., Chaumont, C., Margoum, C., Liger, L., Gril, JJ., Tournebize, J. (2014), “Dynamics and mitigation of six pesticides in a “Wet” forest buffer zone”, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 21(7), 4883-4894

Richard, B., Bussière, F., Langrume, C., Rouault, F., Jumel, S., Faivre, R., & Tivoli, B. (2013), "Effect of pea canopy architecture on microclimate and consequences on ascochyta blight infection under field conditions", European Journal of Plant Pathology, 135, 509-524.

Tivoli, B., Calonnec, A., Richard, B., Ney, B., & Andrivon, D. (2013), "Current knowledge on plant/canopy architectural traits that reduce the expression and development of epidemics", European Journal of Plant Pathology, 135, 471-478.

Richard, B., Jumel, S., Rouault, F., & Tivoli, B. (2012), "Influence of plant stage and organ age on the receptivity of Pisum sativum to Mycosphaerella pinodes" European Journal of Plant Pathology, 132, 367-379.   


Non peer reviewed journals:

Calonnec A., Richard B., Andrivon D., Baranger A., Chauvin JE., Faivre R., Casadebaig P., Guyader S., Bussière JF., Langlais M., Tivoli B. (2013), "PROJET « ARCHIDEMIO » : Modéliser les interactions entre développement de la plante, architecture du couvert et épidémies de maladies fongiques aériennes, pour une gestion durable des cultures." Innovations Agronomiques, 28, 201-219.


Communications to international conferences:

September 2016, “Process based modelling to select optimal regional phenotypes for SRC willow to maximize resource use efficiency”, B. Richard, A. Qi, and GM. Richter, 25th Session of the International Poplar and other fast growing trees Commission, Berlin, Germany

October 2015, “Budburst modelling in short rotation coppice willows, does modelling chilling matter?”, B. Richard, J. Cunniff, S. Girbau, S. Purdy, GM. Richter, and A. Karp, Phenology 2015 International Conference, Kusadasi, Turkey

July 2012, “Pea canopy architecture affects microclimate and ascochyta blight development”, B. Richard, F. Bussière, C. Langrume, F. Rouault, S. Jumel, R. Faivre and B. Tivoli, Plant and Canopy Architecture Impact on Disease Epidemiology and Pest Development Conference, Rennes, France

April 2012, “Relative effects of mesoclimate and microclimate on ascochyta blight development in pea canopies with contrasting architectures under field conditions”, B. Richard, C. Langrume, F. Rouault, S. Jumel, R. Faivre and B. Tivoli, 3rd ascochyta blight workshop, Cordoba, Spain

January 2012, “Implication de l’architecture du couvert comme facteur modulant le développement épidémique de l’ascochytose (Mycosphaerella pinodes) du pois (Pisum sativum), via la sénescence des organes”, B. Richard, S. Jumel, F. Rouault and B. Tivoli, 9th Phytopathology-Mycology Meetings of the French Phytopathology Society, Aussois, France  

April 2010, “Effect of pea canopy architecture on microclimate and ascochyta blight development under field conditions”, B. Richard, F. Rouault, S. Jumel, and B. Tivoli, 5th International Food Legumes research Conference (IFLRC V) and 7th European Conference on Grain Legumes (AEP VII), Antalya, Turkey

Communications to seminars and national conferences:

April 2011, “Architecture, couvert végétal et épidémie de maladie fongique aérienne : cas du pathosystème pois/ascochytose”, B. Richard, S. Jumel, F. Rouault and B. Tivoli, 3rd PhD students meetings of Environment and Plants Health division, Dijon, France

Conference posters

October 2015, “Soil water uptake from SRC willow simulated using the process-based model LUCASS”, B. Richard, J. Cunniff, M. Cerasuolo, T. Barraclough, AS. Gregory and GM. Richter, AAB Biomass and Energy Crops V Conference, Brussels, Belgium

July 2014, “Identifying key environment-specific traits through process-based modelling for improvement of short rotation coppice willow”, B. Richard, M. Cerasuolo, S. Girbau, J. Cunniff, S. Purdy, J. Clifton-Brown and GM. Richter, 6th International Poplar Symposium (IPS VI), Vancouver, Canada



PhD in Plant Pathology (AgroCampusOuest, Rennes, France)


MSc in Environmental Sciences and Hydrology (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France)


NVQ Level 4 in Environmental Sciences (Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, Canada)


BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science (Universite de Provence, Marseille, France)