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Jacqueline Freeman

Research Scientist
Plant Sciences
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Rothamsted Research, West Common, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ

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PhD in Molecular Plant Pathology ()


MSc in Molecular Biology ()


BSc in Applied Biology ()

Measures of esteem


  • Improvement of wheat grain residue viscosity for non-food uses by reverse genetics: AAB conference. Wheat: genetic improvement and end-use quality.
  • Xylan in grasses â?? composition and structure of arabinoxylan: 1st LBNet International conference, Shrigley Hall, Cheshire


  • Member of AAB


  • Wheat genes for enhanced dietary fibre to improve human health: AAB conference. Wheat breeding 2014: tools, targets and progress.


  • Methods for measuring cell wall feruloylation: EMBRAPA/BBSRC 1st BrachyBAHD workshop, Brasilia


  • Member of Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network
  • Induced and natural genetic variation in arabinoxylan content of wheat grain: tailoring properties for different end-uses. 9th Monogram Conference, March, 2012, Aberystwyth, UK.: Authors: Freeman, J, Lovegrove, A, Wilkinson, M, Pellny, T, Ulker, M, Shewry, P.R. and Mitchell, R.A.C.
  • Co-supervisor of BBSRC funded IBTI Training Club PhD student Lucy Hyde


  • Cell wall feruloylation and expression of putative feruloyl transferase genes in Brachypodium distachyon and wheat.: Monogram Network Workshop. Nottingham University, Sutton Bonnington Campus.


  • Investigating the role of BAHD genes in feruloylation of wheat endosperm arabinoxylan: XII Cell Wall meeting, Porto, Portugal


  • Zetatronics prize for the best student on a Biosciences pathway: Awarded by University of Hertfordshire in recognition of grades achieved during MSc degree