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On Friday 9th December six Rothamsted Research PhD students will attend the Nobel Week Dialogue in Stockholm, where Nobel Laureates and world leading scientists, experts and policy makers meet to discuss ‘Your Plate. Our Planet: The Future of Food’

Follow their journey!

Gareth, Joao, Joseph, Megan, Sofia and Susana wish for you to join them on this exciting journey. They will document their experience pre, during and post-event via dedicated twitter and Facebook posts and in a series of vlogs and podcasts, presented in a fun and dynamic way – all of which can be found here!

Check out their first ‘Meet the team’ vlog (right) and blog (below left)!

"You are invited to follow our journey and get involved in the discussion"

“We are encouraging Rothamsted Research staff, secondary school teachers and students, and interested members of the public to take this chance to pose questions they would like to ask a Nobel Laureate about food.”

"We welcome you to contact us with your Nobel Laureate questions and comments or words of support about our experience through social media. Join us on our twitter and Facebook pages, and keep up-to-date with vlog and blog posts right here!” 


Nobel Week Dialogue Panellists include: 

  • Dr Elizabeth Blackburn – 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of the molecular nature of telomeres.
  • Dr Richard J Roberts – 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of split genes and mRNA splicing.
  • Tara Garnett- Founder of Food Climate Research Network (FCRN)
  • Harold Schmitz - Chief Science Officer for Mars, Incorporated

For full event information, see:

Blogs and podcasts

Podcast 1 - Why six Rothamsted PhD students are attending the Nobel Week Dialogue and how you can get involved!

Podcast 2 - Rothamsted PhD students share their Nobel Dialogue experience (Part 1)

Podcast 3 - Rothamsted PhD students share their Nobel Dialogue experience (Part 2)

Blog 1 - Meet the team!

Meet the Rothamsted Research student attendees and learn what they hope to gain from their Nobel Week Dialogue experience!