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Advances in soil carbon could be the key to improving food security and water quality

An international consortium of scientists have identified advances in improving soil carbon management which could be the key to addressing serious global challenges affecting millions of people. 

Gene critical to the development of low arsenic plants identified

Discovery could pave the way for a new generation of crops which do not absorb high levels of the poison

Dr Stephen Moss receives BCPC award

BCPC recognises contributions in academic research, pesticide regulations and knowledge transfer to benefit crop production with this year’s BCPC Awards.

Mechanisms of plant co-existence: insights from a Rothamsted 171 years old experiment.

Research on Broadbalk weed communities has helped to answer the question of how a single plot of land can support up to 20 different weed species.

Great British Bioscience Festival inspires thousands of young scientists

Last weekend, thousands of visitors flocked to the Great British Bioscience Festival to discover how bioscience fuels us, feeds us and keeps us healthy. 

Alpha & Omega exhibit heads to Great British Bioscience Festival

Alpha & Omega: Making omega-3 fish oils in GM Camelina plants exhibition at the Great British Bioscience Festival in the Museum Gardens, Bethnal Green, London, 14th - 16th November 2014.

CROPROTECT: a knowledge exchange system to support the use of IPM by UK growers

A new project will develop a web-based knowledge exchange system to support growers in protecting their crops using integrated pest management (IPM) and alternatives to pesticides.

Rothamsted Research receives the Athena SWAN Bronze Award

Rothamsted Research has received the Athena SWAN Bronze Award for its commitment to gender equality and support for women having their careers in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM).

The Farm Crap App won Soil Association Innovation Award

The Farm Crap App, or formally the Farm Manure Management App can help farmers visually assess the nutritive and economic value of livestock manures 

Rothamsted Research and Oaklands College join forces to launch new apprenticeship scheme

Rothamsted Research has teamed up with Oaklands College to launch the institute’s first formal apprenticeship scheme.