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Rothamsted Research launches Annual Review

The latest Annual Review showcases highlights from a busy year spent delivering excellent science, establishing collaborations and re-defining our long-term vision and strategic priorities.

Rothamsted Research is an internationally recognised centre of excellence and innovation for science in support of agricultural productivity, crop protection and sustainable grazing livestock systems. The Annual Review 2015/2016, which was launched today, celebrates some of the research highlights and accomplishments of staff at Rothamsted Research. The printed Annual Review is accompanied by a digital version and video available on the Rothamsted Research website.

In an introductory overview, Director Achim Dobermann describes the progress made in 2015/2016, as well as setting out his vision for the future, including the four grand challenges on which we will focus our research over the next 5-10 years.

The Review highlights significant scientific achievements that demonstrate the impact of the Institute’s science towards the global challenges of food security and environmental sustainability.

Two major pieces of scientific infrastructure are covered in the Review: the Farm Platform at North Wyke and the Field Scanalyzer in Harpenden. The Review also describes developments on the Harpenden campus, with the opening of the new Conference Centre and Lawes Open Innovation Hub, as well as the arrival of its first occupants, Agrimetrics.

Over the last year, Rothamsted Research has formed and maintained numerous partnerships and research activities around the world, helping to accelerate research and transfer knowledge. These partnerships include work in China, Brazil, Kenya and Colombia.

Staff and researchers at Rothamsted also engaged in dialogue with the public, and the Review covers highlights including the ‘Soil is Life’ exhibition that promoted the International Year of Soils, and ‘The Real Beef about Meat’ display at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

The Rothamsted Research Annual Review 2015/2016 and the associated video can be found here. To request a printed copy of the Annual Review 2015/2016 please e-mail Dr Matina Tsalavouta, Head of Communications and Public Engagement with your contact details.

How to deliver an improved UK agriscience sector outside of the EU

Rothamsted Research and the NFU convened a workshop identifying the key areas of focus in order to have a world leading agriscience sector in the UK after Brexit.

Breeding oilseed rape varieties for pollinator-friendly traits

Amounts and sugar content of nectar vary between commercial varieties of oilseed rape (OSR) produced with different breeding systems, when tested in the glasshouse.

Black-grass requires a ‘three-pronged’ attack

Black-grass requires a three-pronged attack to promote and develop sustainable management solutions.

Mineral vital to human health will decrease due to climate change

New model developed to understand the variation in selenium concentrations in soil finds climate is key to its global distribution.


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