Mikhail A. SEMENOV
ADDRESS Department of Computational and Systems Biology
Rothamsted Research
Harpenden, Herts, AL5 2JQ



Climate change and impacts, Ideotype design, Downscaling and weather generators, Climatic variability and extremes, Crop modelling, Individual-based modelling, Evolutionary computation
DEGREES 1981 First Class Honours degree in mathematics, Moscow State University, RUSSIA
1985 PhD in mathematics, Computational Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, RUSSIA
EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 2000- Rothamsted Research, UK
1991 Long Ashton Research Station, University of Bristol, UK
1989 Hungarian Academy of Sciences, HUNGARY
1984 Computational Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, RUSSIA
ACTIVITIES Editor-in-Chief of Climate Research

2012-17 Systems approaches to crop improvement, BBSRC
2012-17 FACCE JPI Knowledge Hub on Climate change risk assessment for European agriculture and food security (MACSUR), EU & BBSRC
2011-15 Genetics & physiology of wheat development: tools to breed for improved adaptation and yield potential (ADAPTAWHEAT), EU
2011-15 Atopic diseases in changing climate, land use and air quality (ATOPICA), EU
2010-13 Modelling resistance development using an IbM approach, Syngenta
2008-11 Assessing the impact of climate change on arable plant communities, BBSRC
2007-10 Improving water use efficiency and drought tolerance in UK winter wheats, DEFRA-LINK
2006-10 Identification of traits to reduce N requirement and improve grain protein of winter wheat, BBSRC-INRA
2006-08 Vulnerability of UK agriculture to extreme events, DEFRA
2001-04 Assessing predictive skill of models to optimise crop management and design, DEFRA
2001-02 A rational basis for design of wheat canopy ideotypes for UK environments, DEFRA
2000-04 Predicting biological control using slug-pathogenic nematode against pest, BBSRC
1998-02 Assessing drought risk for UK crops under climate change, MAFF
1998-00 Improving wheat model accuracy and suitability for regional assessment (IMPETUS), EU
1996-99 Climate change, climatic variability and agriculture in Europe (CLIVARA), EU
1995-98 R & D on application of predictive models for support in nitrate policy, MAFF
1993-95 Climate change and agriculture in Europe: Impact assessment and adaptation (CLAIRE), EU 
1991-92 Effect of climate change on agriculture in the Europe (EPOCH), EU
1987-90 Adaptive agro-ecosystems, Russian Sci Academy
1986-88 Ecological and demographic consequences of nuclear war, SCOPE-ENUWAR


Principal developer of the LARS-WG stochastic weather generator (website), a computationally inexpensive tool to produce local-scale climate scenarios based on global or regional climate models for impact assessments of climate change. LARS-WG has been used in more than 65 countries for research and in several Universities as an educational tool.

Principal co-developer of the Sirius wheat simulation model (website). Sirius is used in research by many scientists to understand crop responses to environmental variations, and in practice by farmers to optimize water and N management.


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