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Rothamsted Research is a truly unique organisation with over 170 years of experience of delivering innovation for the agricultural industry. Our multi-disciplinary workforce brings together scientific knowledge and expertise in fields ranging from genomics to field ecology. Rothamsted’s reputation as pioneers of outstanding agricultural research along with its extensive national and international collaborations and position of independence makes us the ideal partner for research.

The role of our Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation Office is to:

  • Coordinate our strategic relationships with industry and develop new collaborations with business

  • Manage knowledge exchange activities between scientists and stakeholders

  • Support the development of RoCRE: Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise

For general enquiries email or contact one of our team members directly.


Rothamsted Research and UCL Engineering hosted a joint event in London last month to showcase initiatives where new technologies based around the 'Internet of Things' are being deployed to improve efficiency and productivity in agriculture. The workshop brought together SMEs and large companies from the ICT, engineering and agri-food sectors, to develop a roadmap to accelerate the development of innovations, infrastructure and new ventures in this space. The presentations from the event can be accessed below.The outputs of the workshop will be consolidated into a report which will be made available in the summer. 

1. Mario Moustras - Mazamo - Introduction.pdf
2. Jane Butler - UCL - Inc Bianca Forte.pdf
3. Keith Norman - Velcourt.pdf
4. Phil Abrahams - CABI.pdf
5. Bronwyn Harch - QUT.pdf
6. Paul Foster - Microsoft.pdf
7. Chris Nicholl - Delta-T.pdf
8. Jason Lim - Inc Bianca Forte.pdf
9. Karl Vehulst - Fujitsu.pdf
10. Edmund Bell-King - Shamba Services.pdf
11. Kenneth Tong - UCL.pdf
12. Mario Moustras - Mazamo - Breakout session.pdf
13. Tristan Eagling - KTN.pdf

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