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    The aphid bulletin team
    The aphid bulletin team

    Aphid bulletin

    This web site is designed to bring you up-to-date news on the distribution and abundance of pest aphids at a regional scale. The information is based on data from a network of sixteen suction traps (see map). The traps are emptied daily during the 'aphid season' and the aphids identified to species in most cases. Each trap is representative of what is flying over an area of radius approximately 80 km, but there is considerable local variation in aphid density at ground level. The data are used for fundamental studies on factors affecting the dynamics of aphid populations and to provide sponsors with information that aids aphid control decisions.

    The traps have been running for several years (the one at Rothamsted began in 1965). This makes it possible to compare this year's samples with previous years and hence say whether the current season is high, medium or low risk compared to average. For the time being, we will present simply the raw data but, as the web site develops, we will include interpretations that make it easier to understand and use.

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    Rothamsted Research and SASA are extremely grateful to the institutes where traps are sited and to the staff who deal with the samples.


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