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    The Insect Survey is a national capability funded by the BBSRC


    Environmental Change Network (ECN)

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    ECN sites

    The ECN is the UK's long-term, integrated environmental monitoring and research programme. ECN gathers information about the pressures on and responses to environmental change in physical, chemical and biological systems. It is supported by a consortium of fourteen sponsoring organisations and seven research organisations. ECN's objectives are:

    • To establish and maintain a selected network of sites within the UK from which to obtain comparable long-term datasets through the monitoring of a range of variables identified as being of major environmental importance.
    • To provide for the integration and analysis of these data, so as to identify natural and man-induced environmental changes and improve understanding of the causes of change.
    • To distinguish short-term fluctuations from long-term trends, and predict future changes.
    • To provide, for research purposes, a range of representative sites with good instrumentation and reliable environmental information.

    The ECN consists of 12 terrestrial and 44 freshwater sites representing different UK ecosystems. At each site a wide range of chemical, physical and biological measurements are made. These are used to identify environmental change and improve our understanding of its cause.

  • The Environmental Change Network at Rothamsted (Department of Sustainable Soils and Grassland Systems)
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