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Computational and Systems Biology

The Computational and Systems Biology Department undertakes research and development in mathematical, statistical and computational solutions to biological problems at all levels of biological scale. We are developing methods, models and software which contribute to all of the strategic programmes within Rothamsted Research.

Head of Department: Prof. Chris Rawlings
Departmental Secretary: Di Dawkins

Research Teams

Modelling crops for food security

Modelling crop-climate interactions

We are developing mathematical and simulation models of crop-climate interactions to quantify future threats to crops and hence identify targets for crop improvement in a changing climate.

Movement Pattern Modelling

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Our research on Movement Pattern Modelling uses advances made in the novel physics and mathematics of optimal searching, random walks and turbulence to develop predictive...


The main focus of the bioinformatics group is on network based data integration for candidate gene prediction and prioritisation, and application to biological processes relevant to plant pathology and crop science.

Applied Bioinformatics

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The group has expertise in the analysis of next generation sequencing (NGS) data and the development of software for the efficient integration and exploration of heterogeneous biological datasets to support candidate gene discovery.

Applied Statistics

The group provides statistical consultancy and training, primarily for staff and students within Rothamsted Research, and is involved in collaborative research projects, at Rothamsted and elsewhere, where a substantial statistical contribution is required

Department Articles

Modelling the spread of emerging epidemics; the case of Citrus Greening

Researchers develop a model allowing characterisation of the disease transmission process

Scientists at Rothamsted Research, working alongside Cambridge University have developed a model allowing characterisation of the disease transmission process, even when epidemiological data are limited due to the presence of control measures.

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Applied Statistics Group: Collaborative Research

Current and recent projects involving substantial inputs from group members include


Peer reviewed publications from the Computational and Systems Biology Departments

Department Press Releases

Modeling predicts spread of the invasive allergenic ragweed

Rothamsted Research scientists in collaboration with a EU consortium developed a model to predict the shift in distribution of ragweed in Northern latitudes in response to climate change.

Using mathematics to predict and prevent tree diseases

Rothamsted scientists use mathematical modelling to predict how tree diseases spread, helping to inform national surveillance programs in the UK.

Bioscience to help battle ash dieback

£2.4M research funding has been provided by the BBSRC in response to this devastating fungus that threatens our third most common broadleaf tree.

Plant oils may provide a pathway to health and sustainability

In a special edition of Plant Biotechnology, Rothamsted Scientists describe their innovative research that could produce novel plant oils to benefit human nutrition and the environment.

Department People

title First Name Last Name Department Location
View Mr Raju Ahmed CSYS
View Dr Vasthi Alonso Chavez CSYS Harpenden
View Mr Ambrose Andongabo CSYS Harpenden
View Mr Nathan Brown CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Nathalie Castells-Brooke CSYS Harpenden
View Ms Suzanne Clark CSYS Harpenden
View Mrs Di Dawkins CSYS Harpenden
View Miss Zofia Garajova CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Margaret Glendining CSYS Harpenden
View Mr Keywan Hassani-Pak CSYS Harpenden
View Mr Joe Helps CSYS Harpenden
View Dr David Hughes CSYS Harpenden
View Mrs Elzbieta Janowska-Sejda CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Robert King CSYS Harpenden
View Dr James Kitchen CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Artem Lysenko CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Caitriona McInerney CSYS
View Mr Finn McQuaid CSYS Harpenden
View Mr Andrew Mead CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Alice Milne CSYS Harpenden
View Miss Valerie Mitchell CSYS Harpenden
View Mr Andrew Moss CSYS, AGEC, PBCS, BIS Harpenden
View Mr Darren Murray CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Stephen Parnell CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Roger Payne CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Sarah Perryman CSYS, PBCS Harpenden
View Mr Michael Phillips PBCS, CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Stephen Powers CSYS Harpenden
View Prof Chris Rawlings CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Andy Reynolds CSYS Harpenden
View Mr Gavin Ross CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Magdalena Sadys CSYS
View Dr Mikhail Semenov CSYS Harpenden
View Mr Ryan Sharp CSYS Harpenden
View Mr Ajit Singh CSYS Harpenden
View Mr Pierre Stratonovitch CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Anna Szyniszewska CSYS Harpenden
View Prof Robin Thompson CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Femke van den Berg CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Frank Van Den Bosch CSYS Harpenden
View Prof Richard Webster CSYS Harpenden
View Dr Suzanne Welham CSYS Harpenden
View Mr Rodger White CSYS Harpenden